Jayme Silvermane (jaymesilvermane) wrote,
Jayme Silvermane

Tonight was the Mozart Memorial Concert. There were three pieces in all - one sung by the Max Noah singers (I didn't catch the name of the piece), Ave Verum Corpus (performed by the String Quartet and the Max Noah singers), and Requiem, performed by the entire String Ensemble (plus winds and brass) and the University Singers. My parents came to see it - I'll be having breakfast with them tomorrow, before they head back to Athens.

Dr. Snyder's secretaries need to pick up the phone once in a while. Ugh.

Still not quite over the AFI thing. Smith's face being on one of the 7" records definitely helps, though.
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And for those of you who don't know who Smith is- well, Smith is... special. (He's also the manager of AFI, and Jade's half-brother.) Go to Google Video and search for "Smith in Paris" - you'll see what I mean. (Some language, but not really bad.)

And now, to finish off this excellent night with a cup of hot chocolate!
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