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Jayme Silvermane

First of all, I'd like to thank Garland ohsomuchlys for the amazing icons. You can see all of them in my userpics (I switched to the Plus account level just so I would have room to host all of them on lj). They're based off of this meme. Thank you, Garland! You can find her icon journal at gar_graphics.

Second, AFI's new (and first) DVD, I Heard A Voice, is now available to preorder. Speaking of Items that Jane Will Be Begging From the Parents for Holidays (and also of I Heard A Voice), there's going to be a screening at the Gwinnett Center on December 8th. I've already sent an email to Mama about it, and I feel reasonably confident that she'll let me go (mainly because there's no reason not to let me go), but I'm still a bit nervous about her answer.

My jury has now been scheduled - December 11th at 11:50. (GC&SU music majors [and minors] have to go through a jury and get graded. That grade goes a long way to determining your Applied Studies [read: private lesson] grade - in my case, %20 of my AS grade comes from my teacher, and %80 comes from jury.) Guh, I'm not nearly ready yet - Mr. Kaplunas says that overall I'm rather good, but I still have some major problems with intonation, not to mention memorizing the piece correctly... (I'm playing movements I and II of Sonate E-Dur (E-Major) by Handel, if anyone was interested. The second movement is what's getting me - there's several parts that repeat later on in the movement, then do something minorly different at the end, and I can't remember what goes where in the movement. If that made any sense.)

And to Julia and Garland, since they're the only ones likely to care- I got another one of my nosebleeds -the first real one in a couple of years- this morning when I was taking my shower (I decided to get up early and shower so I would be more awake for my classes). Luckily, I was in the shower and so didn't mess up any clothes I might have been wearing, but still. And I've been getting that itch/feeling in my nose that is often a sign of an imminent nosebleed. Now I'm even more paranoid of germs and viruses...

The air conditioning system in Napier is broken. And the temperature in Milledgeville hit the low 70s today. Ugh. It's two days until December, what the hell?

My newer piercings (the ones that I got a month ago) are now... secreting?- this wierd liquid-type stuff that dries on the earring and is generally icky. It doesn't hurt or anything, though, so I'll just make sure to wash them with soap every night and see if it clears up. (Which I'm sure you all wanted to know.)

Also, I saw Theater Major's boyfriend today (Theater Major lives right down the hall). I knew he was gay - he's a theater major, duh - but it's always nice to have confirmation! (Also, TM's boyfriend drives a sweet car. Just sayin'.)
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