Jayme Silvermane (jaymesilvermane) wrote,
Jayme Silvermane

I swear I'm not dead, really.

I realize that I haven't posted on here for nearly two months (RL has been kicking my face in, srsly), so to make up for it, here are three of my favorite songs from NIN's Things Falling Apart. Speaking of NIN! Their new CD (Year Zero) is coming out soon - listen to some "leaked" tracks here (and ooh, the vid for Survivalism! Yay! *watches* ...Wow. The amount of awesome this video contains deserves a post of its own - maybe tomorrow.) The links to the left of the site are for following the viral marketing mystery NIN's doing for the release of Year Zero, in case you were wondering (hence the quotations around leaked - it's widely suspected that NIN's behind the leaks.) Also, Beside You In Time, their newest DVD, has apparently been out for some time and I just totally missed hearing about it - I managed to reserve a copy of it at the sale price, though, and I'll be picking it up next weekend when I head back to Athens, so squee about that!

And I think that's enough fangirling over Nine Inch Nails for today, so I will talk to all of you wonderful people later!

(Oh, and happy birthday Garland, o wonderful sister of mine!! *smooches*)
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