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You all know my on-and-off obsession with Kingdom of Loathing, right? Well, I got around to naming all of the familiars I've collected so far (I have 21 out of a possible 25 - 30, once I have access to certain in-game areas.) Then I decided that I should share the names I decided on with others, so, lucky you! Screencaps under cut.

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My active familiar right now is Trofflesby, the 20-lb Cocoabo. (Familiars in KoL can level up to 20 pounds, but that's as far as it goes, unless you give them equipment to make them weigh more. If you're interested in learning more, go here.) Trofflesby is one of two familiars whose auto-name I kept, just because Trofflesby is such an awesome name.
N00b the Mosquito - The first quest you get from the Council of Loathing is to get a mosquito larva. Once you get that, they give you the money to buy a Familiar-Gro Terrarium, where you hatch and keep your familiars. Even n00bs have Mosquitos, hence the name.
Purple the Levitating Potato - I watched an episode of Dirty Jobs in which Mike Rowe worked at a potato farm, which had potatos that were bred to be purple.
Gruff the Angry Goat - The Billy Goats Gruff ring a bell? Anyone?
Rodney the Sabre-Toothed Lime- Rodney from SG:A has a severe citrus allergy, and also has a sharp tongue - his bark is worse than his bite, but his bark is bad enough. I thought it would be ironic to name my Sabre-Toothed Lime after him.
6-Sided the Fuzzy Dice - Well, most dice are six-sided... I was going to do something like Deand D, but that's horrible even for me. (6-Sided is 1-lb, because there's a chance that Fuzzy Dice can attack their owner during combat.)
Asgard, the Spooky Pirate Skeleton - I thought that the picture for this looked like an Asgard from SG-1, and since I couldn't remember the name of the Asgard from the Prometheus from SG:A, I went ahead and named it after the whole race. It fits, though.
Oracle the Barrrnacle - An example of my slightly wierd reasoning. "Barrrnacle" sounds like "oracle", so... bingo?
Shockley the Howling Balloon Monkey - After Howling Balloon Monkeys reach a certain weight, they start shocking your opponents. Then I thought "shockly"="shockley", as in "DJ Shockley", a football player for the Atlanta Falcons. Just... don't ask.
Beserker the Stab Bat - Stab Bats have a 40% chance of attacking their owners - they attack indiscriminately. That also explains why it's 1-lb.

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Cuteness Ball O' Fluff the Grue - Look at the familiar picture! Isn't it so cute? It only attacks on certain days when the in-game moons are dark enough, but it's still adorable!
Poltergeist the Blood-Faced Volleyball - (Yes, this familar is a reference to "Cast Away") I don't know why I called it Poltergeist- my thought processes are strange.
Chupacabra the Ghuol Whelp - (Yes, "ghuol" is misspelled purposely - it's an in-game reference) Ghuol Whelps help you out by feeding on the monster/opponent you've beaten and then giving you HP/MP, hence the name.
Disco Fever the Baby Gravy Fairy - The picture looks like it's doing a disco move. I didn't know until after I named it that it actually says it does a "little fairy dance" in its message, but it's a nice coincidence!
Morningstar the Star Starfish - Named after a AFI song. I'm just surprised that I didn't make more AFI references...
Ole! the Hovering Sombrero - Pretty blatant.
Hunter the Ninja Bee, the Killer Bee - The other AFI reference. Hunter's the bassist of AFI, and he keeps a ninja action figure close to hand as a mascot- well, at least he used to...
Chuck the Whirling Maple Leaf - It's an in-joke in the fandom that the gate technician in SG-1 is almost always called Chuck in stories, and that injoke spread to SG:A. And since the gate technician in SG:A is Canadian, who am I to resist?
6655321 the Clockwork Grapefruit - This is the other familiar whose auto-name I kept - it's a reference to "The Clockwork Orange", I've heard. Maybe when I get more creative, I'll change it. Who knows?
Skoosie the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech - (Side-note - that familiar name is a bitch to memorize/type.) Skoosiepants is an awesome fanfic author who wrote a story about robots that I love, so I decided to name my robot after her in tribute. Don't worry, she knows about it.
Ibis the Origami Towel Crane - Crane=Ibis, at least in my messed-up mind.

So, there are all my familiars. If you want to know more about any of them, what they do, or what they reference, go here to find out all about them. If you're interested in Kingdom of Loathing, go ahead and create an account - it doesn't cost anything, and they won't bug you and keep sending emails if you decide you don't like it. If you decide you do like it, on the other hand, send me a message in-game (I'm Jayme, #1078026), and I'll send you some Meat and Booze to celebrate! Talk to you all later!
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