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AFI is playing on Saturday Night Live on January 20th!!! Woohoo! I can't wait!

Finally read Good Omens - that book was better than I'd thought it would be!

Got my books for my classes (finally...) I still have to sign up for one more class, but I can get the books for that later.

Oh, and I have a youtube account, too - you can find it here, for those who are interested. Since I recorded the videos on my digital camera and my camera uses .mov format (I think that's the reason, at least), the sound becomes progressively unsynched as the vids go on. However, you can still tell pretty clearly who's talking where, so... go and comment! Because I am a lonely, lonely girl, and right now I'm just happy that one of the vids has been seen 25 times. Comments will make my day.

Last thing - I'm coming back to Athens tomorrow. Just to let ya'll know. And... I think that's it for this entry!
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